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Discover How to 10X Your Willpower & Cultivate Monk-Like Discipline Using the Disciplined Mind Exercise
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Discover How to 10X Your Willpower & Cultivate Monk-Like Discipline Using the Disciplined Mind Exercise
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About The Author
Mike Gillette
Mike Gillette has a life story that reads like an action-adventure novel. A life which has proven to be his own best case-study for goal attainment.

He was a poor, scared and scrawny kid who  grew up amidst a backdrop of extreme violence and substance abuse. A kid who would ultimately become an Army Paratrooper, SWAT Commander, Government Counter-Terrorism Consultant, Bodyguard to Fortune 500 CEOs and a Record-Breaking Motivational Strongman whose feats have been documented by Guinness World Records and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. 

As both practitioner and purveyor, Mike is a peak-performance pioneer. And at over 50 years of age, he continues to transcend his own personal limits while teaching others how to do the same.
What Others Have Said About Mike...

Rosen Ianev - Entrepreneur

IT Services Industry Leader & Chess Enthusiast
“Working with Mike has made a fundamental change in my life. I now understand the vital connection between the way you think and the results you achieve. Gaining control over this process and making a habit of productive thinking, despite external circumstances, opens unlimited potential!

Rob Pincus - National Personal Defense Educator

Instructor, Writer, Coach & Television Host / Owner of I.C.E. Training Company & Executive Director of Personal Defense Network 
"Mike Gillette is a Mind Writer. The man knows how to motivate, how to inspire and how to both call out complacency and inspire greatness.His ability to help people re-write their internal dialogue and move forward with a mindset for success is unique and impressively efficient. A day with Mike out-values a year’s worth of typical self-help books and motivational workshops."

Jerry Poteet - Original Student of Bruce Lee

Hollywood Fight Choreographer, “Greatest Jeet Kune Do Instructor in the World” – Inside Kung-Fu Magazine
“Like my teacher Bruce Lee, Mike’s amazing results speak volumes about his knowledge and dedication…”

Dennis Rogers - Pound-for-Pound World's Strongest Man

As seen on: Stan Lee’s “Superhumans”, Oprah, David Letterman, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic and in over 150 Countries Worldwide
"Mike Gillette has truly mastered the mental aspects of human performance. He has trained his body and disciplined his mind to overcome pain and fear both on-stage and in the field. Mike doesn't need anyone to convince you that his techniques work. He is his own proof. At age 56, he is stronger than ever. I think that says it all."

COLONEL Lee Van Arsdale - Retired Special Forces Commander

11 years as "Delta Force” as / aka: “The Unit” Special Forces Commander, Counterterrorism/Special Projects Branch Chief for the Secretary of Defense, Military Advisor for the film “Blackhawk Down”
"I met Mike Gillette while working on a sensitive training project. It was Mike’s design and implementation of a specialized security course for a Fortune Fifty company in what can best be described as Mental Skills that impressed me greatly. The client was likewise impressed with Mike’s ability to improve mental skills, with the resultant improvement of the physical."

Doug Ward - Elite Boxing Trainer

President of the Underground Boxing Company, Writer/Consultant for Title Boxing
“In athletic training; the most neglected “body part” is the human mind. Most trainers simply don’t realize the crucial role that the head plays in building the body. When it comes to the psychology of training, Mike didn’t write the book, but he can draw a map better than any coach I know…”

Lisa “The Black Widow” King - International Muay Thai Champion

Featured on ESPN and Black Belt Magazine’s Woman of the Year
“Mike Gillette is an essential part of my pre-fight ritual – I don’t ever plan on getting in the ring again without him…”
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